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Anyone Got Cables? I Need a Jump Start!

Yesterday, I got a call from my husband.  Any chance I could give him a jump start? 

When your battery gets low, sometimes there's just not enough juice left to get the engine running.

That's when it needs an infusion of energy from another source. It needs a jump start!

 So I asked him where he was...He had just stopped at the ATM at the bank in Windsor center, pulled through the drive-thru, and headed through the access lane that runs between two buildngs as it leads back to the main road. And where was I?  In the drive through lane at the same bank making a deposit for the condo complex I manage. So, I do my banking, and pull through the drive-through, turn the corner to head toward the main road, and pull up directly behind him. This is a problem, because there is no way my cables will go that far. But it's only a block and a half to The Master's Key Realty office parking lot, so I push him down the street where we can both safely park.

Anyone Got Cables? I Need a Jump Start!

Now this was the second time he called me for a jump start in 24 hours, so I'm now suspecting it's not just something got left on, but we have a battery problem. So instead of hooking up the cables, we head up to the office to call our local auto repair guy.  I'm getting ready for an appointment, so we decide to deal with the car later this evening. He doesn't have our battery in stock, but he'll order it. The battery is not being replaced today.

After my evening appointment, my husband and I head for our church, as we are setting up for our special week of evening meetings.  So it is after 9:00 p.m. that we head back to my office to jump start my husband's car and to head home.

About this time, I'm starting to think, it's not JUST my car that needs a jump start... it's been a long day, and I think I need one infusion of energy from another source   And while I'm thinking about business needs a jump start too!

As we're hooking up the jumper cables, I'm wishing it was just as easy for me to restore MY energy level and to inject some additional energy into my business.  (It occurs to me that maybe THAT's why we've got a week of evening meetings this week-I just need to "hook up" to my power source!).

A Few Thoughts about Getting a Jump Start

1.  Identify an alternative energy source.  Figure out what it's going to take to get that engine running again.

         In business, this could be re-visiting your business plan and figuring out your next step. Brainstorm for new ideas. Get input from others.

2.  Make sure you've got your cables.  If you don't have the "juice" to get that engine running, find someone who does.

         Find out what tools and resources you need, or even what people you need to assist you in getting things moving again.  Like my husband at the drive-through, you may find out those "cables" are closer than you think. Make sure you look at the resources that are obvious and close by.

3.  Get those cables hooked up!  You've got to be able to CONNECT to that energy source.

         Do you need extra training, or advice from a mentor? Take steps to get the training or make the connections you need.

4.  Turn the key!  Once you've gotten connected to that energy source, you still have to DO something for that transfer of energy to get completed.  This is an active process.

         Implement your new plan. Put that training to use.



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Anyone Got Cables? I Need a Jump Start!
Yesterday, I got a call from my husband. Any chance I could give him a jump start? When your battery gets low sometimes there's just not enough juice left to get the engine running. That's when it needs an infusion of energy from… more